Welcome to the NGMN Alliance's Workspace

The NGMN Workspace provides information for all NGMN Partner representatives to get overview of the NGMN organisation, running activities and meetings.

The NGMN Workspace includes information in the following areas:

  • Meetings: Dates and information material for project, Board, and NGMN Forum meetings
  • Documents: Meeting documents, project information, NGMN deliverables etc.
  • General information material: NGMN Process document, meeting schedule, welcome package, partner newsletter and other information
  • Contact points: Contact details of all project leads, programme managers, and the chairmen of the NGMN governance bodies
  • Templates: Templates for the work within NGMN as e.g. technical document template, tollgate process template

Documents and information, accessed by signing into your account, are restricted to NGMN Partners only.

The list of Partner companies is available here.

Note that subsidiaries (>50% ownership by a Partner company) are also entitled to access the NGMN Workspace portal by virtue of their parent company's membership.

Any employee of a partner company (or its subsidiary as defined above) can access the Workspace area after creating an individual account.

Feel free to contact the NGMN Office if you need any help with navigating the workspace or accessing any information.